Victim: “I have discovered, according to Malwarebytes v1.1.3, that I have PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger. I have “removed” it via Malwarebytes and, although not so requested, I have rebooted my machine – and yet the file still reportedly remains each time I run the scanner. How can I remove it? “

What is PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger?

PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger recently has been detected by some Antiviruses as potentially unwanted program (PUP), which is able to perform harmful tasks on the infected computer once installed. Typically, PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger may get installed after you downloading free programs from third parties or unreliable websites. It hides itself inside the main software to bypass your attention. Besides, it can also be spread by hacked/corrupted websites, spam email attachments or malicious hyperlinks, etc.

PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger can be compatible with all Windows systems as well as common web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. After installation, you may not easier to find it on your PC since it will first hide on your browsers as plug-ins, banners, extension, and add-ons and generate various unwanted pop-up ads, which take up high system resources, slow down your PC speed and mess up your online activity. And it may change your browser settings and system settings sneakingly so as to make ways for freeware or malware. In this case, your system security may be put in danger. Moreover, it may bring other threats to attack your PC. Your personal information such as counts, passwords, your ID , your phone number might be leaked out. All in all, PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger is really nasty that should never be kept in your computer. You should remove it from computer as soon as possible once detected.

Easy Methods to Remove PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger Step by Step

>>Method 1: Manual Removal Guide
>>Method 2: Similar Removal Video for Reference
>>Method 3:Automatic Removal Guide (by use of SpyHunter removal tool)

 >>Method 1: Manual Removal Guide

Step 1: Remove any programs related to PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger from Control Panel.

Windows Vista and Windows 7
1. Open the Start menu.
2. Click on the Control Panel and then click Uninstall a program.
3. Remove any suspicious programs.
control panel 1

Windows XP

1. Open the Start menu.
2. Click the Control Panel and then select Add or Remove Program.
3. Uninstall any suspicious programs.

Control Panel 1

Windows 8

1. Press Win+R.
2. Type in control panel and then click OK.
3. Choose the Uninstall a program.
4. Eliminate any suspicious programs.

Control panel 2

Step 2: Stop all the related processes of PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del together to open Task Manager > click on processes and tick Processes from all users box > click on End Process to end all suspicious processes

task_manager 1

Step 3: Remove PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger from browsers.

For Internet Explorer

  1. Click the button on the top-right corner.
  2. Choose Manage add-ons.
  3. Under the tab Toolbars and Extensions, Select the target program and click Disable.

Under the tab Toolbars and Extensions, Select the target program and click Disable

For Google Chrome

  1. Click the top-right button and Choose Tools > Extensions.
  2. Select the target program under the Extensions tab.
  3. Click the Remove icon.

2click the target program under the extensions tab and click the remove icon - Copy

For Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the Menu on the top-left corner.
  2. Choose Add-ons.
  3. Under the tab Extensions, choose the target program and click Remove.

Firefox - extension

 Step 4: Remove PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger from Registry Editor.

(1) Go to Start Menu and open Registry Editor.
(2) In the opened Window, type in Regedit and then click OK.
(3) Remove the related files and registry entries in Registry Editor.


Registry Editor

>>Method 2: Similar Removal Video for Reference

>>Method 3:Automatic Removal Guide (by use of SpyHunter removal tool)

Step 1: download and install Spyhunter on your computer, please click the link or the download icon and follow the instruction to install.

download spyhunter5

Step 2: click ” Yes, protect my homepage” to protect your browser.

Step 3: Click “Scan Now” to scan your computer to block PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger.

Optional solution: use RegCure Pro to optimize your PC.

What can RegCure Pro do for you?

1. Fix system errors.
2. Remove malware.
3. Improve startup.
4. Defrag memory.
5. Clean up your PC

1. Download RegCure Pro by clicking on the button below.


2. Double-click on the RegCure Pro program to open it, and then follow the instructions to install it.

Run ReCure Pro

Welcome to RegCure Pro Setup

RegCurePro installation complete

3. After installation, RegCure Pro will begin to automatically scan your computer.

System Scan by RegCurePro

Important to Know

It’s necessary to download and install antivirus program to protect your computer from virus in the future (Download and Install Spyhunter to terminate PUP.FreeMacKeyLogger) and get your clean computer back! Please scan your PC regularly to ensure it’s not infected.


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