Don’t know how to start the removal of PriceGong? This step-by-step guide can help you securely and quickly uninstall PriceGong.

PriceGong Description:

PriceGong belongs to a web browser plug-in with which you could save a lot of money because it can compare prices for you with thousands of merchants and will help you find the best price for the products you wish you purchase. When you are shopping online, PriceGong automatically recognizes the product you’re looking for and will recommend a variety of offers for the product.

In view of the seriousness of this problem, proper measures should be taken to stop it. Please follow the solutions below to block PriceGong.

Remove PriceGong with the Most Efficient Solutions

Solution 1 : Remove PriceGong Manually

Solution 2 : Remove PriceGong Automatically by Spyhunter



Details for Solution 1 – Remove PriceGong Manually by Yourself

Here are two examples to remove PriceGong Toolbar,  the first one is to uninstall PriceGong from Windows Internet Explorer, the other one is to remove PriceGong from Mozilla Firefox.

Example one:

Step 1: click “Start”, go to “Control Panel”

Step 2: Go to “Programs”, select “Uninstall a program”

Step 3: on the currently installed programs list, find out PriceGong Toolbar. You can see there are two PriceGong tool-bars(“PriceGong 2.5.2” and “PriceGongbar Toolbar”) appear, although you installed only once on your system. You need to uninstall them one by one. Right-click PriceGongbar Toolbar and press Uninstall/Change to begin

Step 4: then the toolbar uninstall window pops up and asks you ” Are you sure you want to uninstall PriceGongbar Community Toolbar?” click “Yes” to go on

Step 5: go back to the “Programs and Features” window and uninstall the other “PriceGong 2.5.2”; right-click it and click Uninstall/Change

when the “PriceGong 2.5.2 Uninstall” window asks you” Are you sure you want to completely remove PriceGong 2.5.2 and all of its components?” click “Yes”

It will ask you to close your web browsers, please click “Ok”;then PriceGong should be removed from your computer.

Uninstall PriceGong Toolbar from Mozilla Firefox:

Step 1:  open Mozilla Firefox browser, click on “Tools” menu option, select “Add-ons”

Step 2: click on “Extensions” tab on the “Add-ons” window, find out “PriceGong Toolbar”; you will find out there are two PriceGong you’re going to remove

Step 3:  click “PriceGongbar Community Toolbar” and then click “Remove”

Step 4: when the”Toolbar Uninstall” window pops up” Are you sure you want to uninstall PriceGongbar Community Toolbar?”, click “OK”

and then uninstall the”PriceGong 2.5.2″ and do a restart for firefox by clicking on “Restart now”

Step 5:  your Firefox will be reopened, go to “Extensions” again, you will see” PriceGong Toolbars aren’t there any more. Then PriceGong Toolbars are successfully uninstalled from your Firefox.


Details for Solution 2 – Remove PriceGong Automatically by Spyhunter

Step 1: click the link to download and install Spyhunter on your computer.


Step 2: click ” Yes, protect my homepage” to protect your browser.

Step 3: Click “Scan Now” to scan your computer to block PriceGong


If you are not a computer expert, you are suggested to remove PriceGong automatically with Spyhunter since any inappropriate deleting may cause your computer to crash down. Download and Install Spyhunter to smash PriceGong right now! Also, Spyhunter can protect your computer from other sorts of malware like spyware, ransomware and trojan as an after removing bonus.

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