“I need help! This morning when I open my Google Chrome, a website called Drivingtabsearch.com pops up. I tried to remove it via the Control Panel – Uninstall Programs section, but I could not find it. How can I get rid of this Drivingtabsearch.com stuff. I don’t want it. I think my PC may get infected somehow. Any help would be appreciated!”

Well, if you are one of the victims of Drivingtabsearch.com issue, you may properly feel it familiar but annoyed. This is really a trouble that can mess up your web browsers and cause poor system performance. Hence, timely Drivingtabsearch.com removal is so important. Let’s check below to learn what is Drivingtabsearch.com and how to get it remove completely and easily.

drivingtabsearch.com redirect

What is Drivingtabsearch.com?

Drivingtabsearch.com is a browser hijacker that can affect and hijack the browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox without any consent. Drivingtabsearch.com looks like a normal search engine for the first sight, but it cannot really provide you a great online experience. Instead, it can cause a lot of problems on your system, only in the attempt of making web traffic so that they can get paid.

Drivingtabsearch.com can change your default homepage and browser settings without your knowledge. It redirects your pages some strange websites each time you open launch your browser and also modifies your search results without its own choice.

How do you get infected with Drivingtabsearch.com?

Usually, the browser hijacker sneaks into a computer along with the download and installation of some free software on the Internet. And, spam email attachments, unsafe links and suspicious web pages might also be the carriers to get Drivingtabsearch.com installed. In some cases, fake updates on the browsers or system also exploit the approach for the hijacker to get installed.

Therefore, if you want to browse on the Internet safely and normally, and you want to regain a clean and fast PC, you are strongly recommended to eliminate Drivingtabsearch.com virus without delay.

* Method: Automatically remove it with SpyHunter (Quick and Safe)

SpyHunter is an adaptive spyware detection and removal tool that provides rigorous protection against the latest spyware threats including malware, trojans, rootkits and malicious software.

1. Install SpyHunter

1) Click the below button to free download SpyHunter.

Download SpyHunter

2) Allow SpyHunter-Installer.exe to run and then install the program step by step.

open SpyHunter-Installer.exe

SpyHunter-Successfully Install

2. Completely remove Drivingtabsearch.com with SpyHunter

1) Open SpyHunter, then click on “Scan Computer Now!” to run a free scan on your computer.


2) When the scan is done, all the threats in your PC are successfully detected. Tick “Select All”, and then click on “Fix Threats” to make your computer clean.

SpyHunter-Scan Result

Step Two: Optimize Your PC Using RegCure Pro

RegCure Pro is an advanced computer optimization program that can help you to clean away registry errors, remove malware, improve startup, clean up your PC. You can download and use RegCure Pro with confidence for it neither contain any additional items nor conflict with your current used antivirus program.

1. Install RegCure Pro

1) Click the below button to free download RegCure Pro.

Download RegCure Pro

2) Run RegCureProSetup.exe to install the program step by step.

open RegCureProSetup.exe


2. Speed up your PC

1) Open RegCure Pro, go to the Overview tab, and then click on “Click to Start Scan” to run a scan on your system for unnecessary files and invalid registry entries.

The first scan will take some time for the first scanning. Please wait while the program scans your system for performance problems.

2) When the scan is complete, click on “Fix All” to correct all the security risks and potential causes of your computer slow performance.


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In Conclusion:

Drivingtabsearch.com is really a trouble maker that not only interrupts your normal browsing activity but also attempts to cheat you money or steal your personal information. In order to keep a safe online environment, it is advisable to prevent or remove Drivingtabsearch.com as soon as possible.

Download SpyHunter to remove Drivingtabsearch.com immediately.

Download RegCure Pro to fix your slow PC performance easily.

Note: SpyHunter/RegCure Pro is only free for malware detection. To remove the malicious threats from your PC, you will need to purchase the removal tool.

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