Driver Detective is a software that allows you to scan all hardware devices in your PC. Its feature also includes a large database of the best drivers, approximately over nine million of devices. Driver Detective offers its own uninstall program for you to remove it from your PC if you don’t need it.

This step-by-step guides can help you completely remove all the components and files of Driver Detective.

To uninstall Driver Detective, please follow steps as below.

Guide One: Uninstall it manually if you are skilled in computer

1. Go to the desktop and click Start button:

2. Click All Programs, move the cursor straight across to highlight Driver Detective, then go on to Uninstall Driver Detective:

3. Click Yes in the pop-up box to confirm uninstall:

4. Wait a second and for the removal;

5. Go to the desktop again and click  Start button, click All Programs to check whether the Driver Detective shortcut still exists, if so, right click it and click Delete to manually remove it;

6. On the desktop, double click My Computer, double click Local Disk (C:), then double click Program Files folder to check whether the  Driver Detective folder still remains, if so, right click the folder and click Delete to manually remove the folder.

Guide Two: You can also remove it with efficient antivirus like SpyHunter because it will save your time and effort.

Step 1: Download the free scanner of SpyHunter into your computer.
Step 2: Install it into your computer step by step.
Step 3: When it succeeds in installing, make it scan your computer and remove all potential threats by pressing Remove.

NOTE: SpyHunter is a strong antivirus and can be added as another safeguard in your computer and cooperate with your previous one without collision. It can block viruses, malware and Trojans at the time of their in-break. Beset by these annoying stuffs? Download SpyHunter to eliminate your anxiety.

Download SpyHunter to Uninstall Driver Detective and Keep Your Computer Safe!

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