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If the Windows operating system is barely used, its operational efficiency is certainly not very high, and even cannot work properly. If you choose to reinstall operating system it will take a very long time to finish the work. In fact, once the Windows encounters unable to start or operating malfunction, we may adopt the following six measures to quickly and effectively repair Windows system.

1. Last Known Good Configuration

Every time when the computer (Windows2000 above operating system) boots up, it will automatically backup the registry. Once we found the system cannot start, it probably is the last time we cannot operate the computer correctly or some software is in the wrong installed. Then these processing can destory the associated settings of the system registry. We can try to use the Last know Good Configuaration to restart the computer: Click Start menu->Turn Off Computer->Restart.As the computer restarts but before Windows launches (any Microsoft logo appears), tap “F8” key constantly. Use the arrow keys to highlight the “Last Known Good Configuration” option, and then press ENTER.

2. Repair system files

If some core files of the Windows system are corrupted by accidentally, then do the “Last Good Known Configuaration” but with no luck. If a small amount of Windows system files are damaged, then we can repair the corrupt system files with the use of the SFC scanning command. Once the repair is successful, then the windows will startup normally. During repairing the damaged files, as long as you click “Start”/”Run” command, then input the string command “sfc/scannow” in the pop-up dialog box, then press the Enter key, the command procedure will search and scan all system files at every corner. Once it found the system file version is incorrect or damaged, there will be an automatically prompt that requires us to insert the Windows installation CD in order to extract normal system files, so as to achieve repairing the system files.

3. Log off the current user

If the damaged parts are only becaused of the improper installation of software, or software inappropriate settings, then we ususally fix this problem by logging off the current user. For the impact of software on the system settings is often limited to the current user only. Once the computer cannot work in the current user, we can log off the current user, then restart the computer with other users, so that the Windows can resume normal operation state.

Before logging off the current user, then logging in Windows from other user, we need to open the Control Panel, double click the “User Account” item, then click the “Add” button to restart the computer and create a new account. At the same time, set up the account with an appropriate password, and the corresponding account is set as a super administrator privileges.

As you log in Windows with other user account, you cannot visit some important data saved under the current user directory. So before logging off the user account, it is necessary to open system resource manager window, find the current user account directory. For example, if the current login system account is aaaa, so the system default account directory is “C:WindowsDocumentandSettingsaaa”.

4. Register DLL file again

Sometimes, the Windows system will be damaged, mainly many application often share through some DLL files. If some programs are automatically uninstalled, the related DLL files will be deleted, so Windows system or other programs that can call again to share the DLL file, an error will occur on natural phenomenon.

We do not need to reinstall operating system caused by Window malfunction, you only need to register the corrupt DLL file again, then the computer will restore normal working. Considering we do not know exactly what DLL are damaged or lost, we may register the system DLL again through the following method without the need to separate for one or a few DLL files.

First, like Notepad to open such a file editing program, then the corresponding process command line interface, enter the following code: @echooff

Now save the above command line code as a batch file extension BAT, for example, suppose this code content is saved as repair.bat file, then create a quick icon and drag it to the desktop. And register all DLL files, we just need to double click repair.bat file shortcut icon, the system will automatically perform all the DLL files to re-register operation.

5. Recover original files

If Windows system unnormal operation can cause system registry accidental damaged, so we can use the copy command to copy the original registry directly to the corresponding directory. Because the Windows system was first installed, then the original registry will be automatically backed up to the installation directory of Repair subdirectory, so we will repair subdirectories as long as the registry information directly copied to the system configuration directory.

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