Is your computer infected with Trojan.Obfus.Gen? This step-by-step guide can help you safely and quickly remove Trojan.Obfus.Gen.

Trojan.Obfus.Gen Description

Trojan.Obfus.Gen is determined by Tee Support Labs as a Trojan program designed to infiltrate your computer and open a channel through which a large number of spyware and adware can be connected to your system. Trojan.Obfus.Gen opens a large security hole on your computer and is a very dangerous threat to the security of your personal and financial data. Trojan.Obfus.Gen is known to be associated with other malicious Trojan applications. So dangerous is Trojan.Obfus.Gen that should be removed immediately.

Trojan.Obfus.Gen Identified as Security Threat by Impressions

  1. Trojan.Obfus.Gen reputation/ rating online is terrible.
  2. The official website of Trojan.Obfus.Gen is poorly built without contact info.
  3. The payments website of Trojan.Obfus.Gen is suspicious & claims your OS is unsafe.
  4. Poor Performance like highly-consumed system resources is caused by Trojan.Obfus.Gen.

Method one: Manually remove Trojan.Obfus.Gen from your system.

Method two: Remove Trojan.Obfus.Gen Permanently with Spyhunter Antivirus software

Detailed Trojan.Obfus.Gen removal guides are provided as below. please follow the steps in correct order. If you choose manual removal, don’t forget to back up your data first.

Method one: Manually remove Trojan.Obfus.Gen from your system.

1. Stop the running process of Trojan.Obfus.Gen in Task Manager.

  • Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to start Windows Task Manager.
  • On Processes tab, right-click to stop the process relative to Trojan.Obfus.Gen.


2. Go to Registry Editor, and clean up all suspicious registry files.

To completely remove Trojan.Obfus.Gen, the key is to remove all leftovers about it which contain harmful files and registry entries.

  • Open Registry Editor: Press (win key+R), type in “regedit” without the quotes in the box, and Enter.
  • When the Registry Editor window opens, right-click to remove all the registry files related to it.


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ‘Random’

3. Delete all the Files of Trojan.Obfus.Gen

  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • Open Start button and open Control Panel.
  • Open Appearance and Personalization link.
  • Double click on Files and Folder Option.
  • Click on the Show hidden files and folders option.
  • Select the “View” tab. “Show hidden files, folders and drives.”
  • Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files. Click OK.


Remove all the suspicious files as follows:

%AllUsersProfile%\Programs\{random letters}\
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\~r
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\~dll

Method two: Remove Trojan.Obfus.Gen Permanently with Spyhunter Antivirus software

1. Download Spyhunter in your PC.

download spyhunter

2. Click Run to install Spyhunter


3. Fulfill the installation process as follows.




4. You can use Spyhunter to protect your homepage

protect homepage

5. Run Spyhunter to remove all the threats in your system.

In summary, Trojan.Obfus.Gen is created by cyber crooks to obtain illegal interests. It may mess up your operating system, and bring a lot of troubles to you. Speedy removal is your best choice. Choose one of the Trojan.Obfus.Gen removal methods above to regain a safe and clean PC now. If you don’t know much about computer virus manual removal, it is suggested that you download Spyhunter – the popular antivirus software here to get rid of Trojan.Obfus.Gen and protect your system in the future.


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