You find PUP.Optional.Conduit.A on your computer, but can’t remove it? What damage it will cause? What should be done to remove it completely? No worries, you will know more about this infection and get  removal details.

PUP.Optional.Conduit.A Description

Type: Trojan Horse
Risk Coefficient:Severe \ High Level
Targeted OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Geographical Reason: Globally Distributed
Number of infected files: More than 50 files

PUP.Optional.Conduit.A belongs to hazardous Trojan horse family that could sneak into targeted computer for vicious purposes. PUP.Optional.Conduit.A is created by hackers to promote rogue antivirus programs or other kinds of computer threats. For gaining the authority, it will add a new registry entry for itself so that it could run in the background every time you start Windows. Keep with PUP.Optional.Conduit.A, it will open a convenient door for the third party. Then remote hackers have some designs on the computer like dropping more computer threats, stealing personal information like credit card information, computer user account details, and so on. The computer’s condition will be much poorer than before like slow system performance, lower resistance of viruses. It is wise to remove PUP.Optional.Conduit.A once you find it on the computer or it will bring much more unexpected damage.

How PUP.Optional.Conduit.A Could Sneak Into The Computer?

This Trojan horse could infect computers via varieties of sources listed as below:
1) It could be bund with some spam email attachments.
2) It may come along with free software, files, applications downloads.
3) It could be promoted via lots of hacked web sites.
4) It may come all of a sudden after browsing some illegal contents like gamble or porn.
5) It may infect your computer when you share some corrupt files with others via 2P2 network.

Possible Weird Symptoms Caused by PUP.Optional.Conduit.A

1. Some new and strange registry entries or files are added.
2. Computer performance is much slower than before.
3. Other kinds of computer threats are fond on the computer.
4. A back door will be open for the remote hackers.
5. Personal information stored on the computer may be captured.

How to Remove PUP.Optional.Conduit.A Effectively?

Option 1: Instructions for Manually Remove PUP.Optional.Conduit.A

Step 1: Reboot the infected computer. As your computer restarts but before Windows launches, tap “F8″ key constantly. Then choose “Safe Mode with Networking” option, and then press ENTER.

Step 2: Use CTRL+ALT+DEL keys together to open Task Manager to end all running processes of PUP.Optional.Conduit.A :

Step 3: Manually remove all associated files with PUP.Optional.Conduit.A :

%Program Files%\PUP.Optional.Conduit.A .UserWLoad.exe
%UserProfile%\Desktop\PUP.Optional.Conduit.A .lnk
%UserProfile%\Start Menu\PUP.Optional.Conduit.A .UserWLoad.lnk
%UserProfile%\Start Menu\PUP.Optional.Conduit.A \Help.lnk
%UserProfile%\Start Menu\PUP.Optional.Conduit.A \Registration.lnk
%UserProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\PUP.Optional.Conduit.A .lnk

Step 4: Delete all registry entries of PUP.Optional.Conduit.A :


Step 4: Restart the computer normally and check the effectiveness.

Option 2: PUP.Optional.Conduit.A Removal Software & Tools – how to remove PUP.Optional.Conduit.A using the SpyHunter

SpyHunter can detect all known threats and most stealth malware, or infections that actively hide their presence on your system. Its removal effectiveness is also decent, with the ability to remove most of the threats it detects. The infections the software cannot effectively remove are typically on the most heavily infected systems, so lagged and bogged down with tough malware that they are unable to boot up and run properly.

Step 1. Click here to download to SpyHunter.

Step 2. Double click on the download file and follow the prompts to install the program.( When the installation begins, keep following the prompts in order to continue with the installation process)

Step 3. When SpyHunter has finished installing, it will now start and you will be at the main screen as shown below. To perform a system scan, please click on the Scan Now button.

Step 4. Once the scanning is finishing, it will display a screen that displays any malware that it has detected.

Step 5. You should click on the Apply Actions button to remove all the listed malware.

Video Guide for Reference

(Note:If you don’t have sufficient expertise to deal with the Trojan horse’s files, processes, .dll files and registry entries, it is not recommend you to remove it by yourself for avoiding some risks due to some mistakes. you can install SpyHunterto clean up the infection in a few minutes without repeating.

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