Recently, ransomware such as FBI Moneypak Virus, Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus and Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section Virus has started to invade Windows 8 system successfully. In most instances, coping with ransomawre, booting the infected Windows system into Safe Mode is the first step that leads PC users to unlock the infected PC. In Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, Safe modes can be achieved by pressing the F8 key:

(Reboot your infected PC > keep pressing F8 key before Windows start-up screen shows>use the arrow keys to select “Safe Mode with Networking” and press Enter.)

However, on Windows 8, Safe Modes are buried deeply, and the above method is not applicable any more. Therefore, there is a large of amount of Windows 8 users on forums revealing that they are not able to boot their Win 8 system into Safe Mode by pressing F8, so they have no way to unlock their PC infected by Police Scam ransomware. Then there is no hope for Windows 8 users when their PC has been blocked? Certainly not, in fact, booting into Safe Modes on Windows 8 is easy as that used on other Windows systems.

Booting Into Safe Mode on Windows 8

Step1: Boot your PC into Start screen or virus screen (in some instances, the Ransomware may replace this Start screen):

Step2: On Start screen or virus screen, press “Ctrl + Alt+ Del” keys together, then you will get a blue screen with five options:

Step3: When you see the blue screen with five options, please hold the “Shift” key, meanwhile, click on the “Restart”, then your PC will restart and get a screen with 3 options (advanced repair options). On this screen, please select “Troubleshoot”:

Step4: On the Troubleshoot Screen, please select Advanced Options:

Step5: On screen of Advanced Options, please select Startup Settings:

Step6: Now it goes to a screen of Startup Settings for Restart to change Windows options, please click “Restart”:

Step7: After Restart, you will get a screen of Startup Settings for selecting Safe Modes, you can hit F4, F5 and F6 to boot into different Safe Modes.:

Attention: It is recommended to select Safe Mode with Networking if your Windows 8 PC has been locked by Ransomware like FBI scam or Ukash virus. After your enter Safe Mode with Networking, please have live chat window with Online PC Expert to help you remove the ransomware and unlock your PC. You can start a live chat by opening our homepage:

Or if you still cannot boot into Safe Modes on Windows 8 with above steps, do not worry, we have other solutions for you to unlock your Windows 8 machine.

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