Did all your desktop icons and programs disappear suddenly? Antivirus will not open and your desktop icons and programs missing? This post will tell you step-by-step guide on how to restore missing desktop icons and programs completely.

What cause my desktop icons and programs missing?

Have you met such situation that suddenly all of your desktop icons and programs were missing? There are many reasons that may cause such kind of problems. For example, virus infections, the registry errors, hard drive problems and your wrong computer operation may all lead you to lose the desktop icons and programs. This post will focus on the virus infections reasons. If the viruses attack your computer’s explorer.exe, userinit.exe or registry, your computer can not find out the explorer.exe at computer startup and that will cause desktop icons and programs missing problems. Usually there will be other virus symptoms. Take the recent popular rogue HDD fake system optimization programs as an example, such infections will not let you open any antivirus software to kill them and will generate fake system pop-ups to mislead you to purchase useless or even harmful computer products. To blackmail you further, such HDD rogue infections will hide or damage some of your computer programs so you will get desktop icons and programs missing problems outwardly.

How to restore my missing desktop icons and programs in Windows Vista, Windows Xp or Windows 7?:

Step one – Remove all possible infections on your computer first.

Step two- Try to show Hidden computer files and programs:

For Windows Xp: Click Start, and then click Control Panel -> Click Appearance and Themes -> and then click Folder Options -> On the View tab, under Hidden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders -> click Ok to restore your hidden files and folders

For Windows Vista and Windows 7: clicking the Start button -> clicking Control Panel -> clicking Folder Options -> Click the View tab -> Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files and folders -> and then click OK.

Step three- use the search function in your startup menu to find out the location of the wanted software and then create shortcuts for them.

NOTICE: Desktop icons missing may be caused by malware or virus.If your computer has infected with a virus, this problem may happen. When you are surfing the internet, there are some unwanted program or malware may be installed onto your computer, if you want to protect your computer from being attacking from viruses, you can download powerful antivirus program here to keep your PC healthy and safe.

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