What is the problem CPU usage at 100 percent?

Recently, CPU usage at 100% always suddenly occurs on my computer. When I start my computer it is running fine, but 10 minutes later my computer speed slows down, open the Task Manager, on system process, has a maximum value of the process, and no way to turn off, how to resolve? Many people always come with CPU usage at 100% problem.

When we use the Windows operating system, the system is used with a slow, take a look at “Task Manager” only to find 100% CPU occupation. What is up? Encountered with viruses, hardware problem, or a problem with system settings?

The case CPU usage at 100 percent the main problems can occur in certain aspects of the following:

  • 1) Dllhost.exe process due to IIS was locked.
  • 2) Svchost.exe or Explorer.exe was infected with virus.
  • 3) Services.exe shouldn’t be updated but required.
  • 4) Antivirus software caused 100% CPU utilization rate of occupancy.
  • 5) Driver is not certified, resulting in 100% of CPU resource consumption.
  • 6) CPU utilization to 100% occupancy when dealing with more tasks such as a larger document or video file.
  • 7) Viruses, Trojans, spyware, causing CPU utilization to 100% occupancy.

CPU usage at 100 percent Solution:

  • Firstly, to fix CPU utilization to 100% occupancy please install the “best information monitoring interception system”, using one of the “chief health inspector IIS ” software to fix Dllhost.exe problem. To check the Svchost.exe Keys at location “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionSvchost”to see whether it was infected with virus or not then delete the false value.
  • Secondarily, to fix CPU utilization to 100% occupancy please repair or update the Service Pack for Services.exe problem. Check in the system.ini file, in the [BOOT] Here is a “shell = file name.” Correct file name should be “explorer.exe”, if not the “explorer.exe”, but the “shell = explorer.exe program name,” then following procedure is “Trojan horse”, just delete it.
  • Finally, to fix CPU usage at 100% problem please check whether the there are Imperfect drivers on your system, then update for the latest version, turn off the unnecessary programs to solve the increasing burden on the system.

If the steps won’t work, you are highly suggested to fix the issue from the perspective of virus infection. Do not familiar with virus manual removal? Relax, you could download the professional antivirus SpyHunter to help you out quickly and safely.

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