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Customer Feedback to Tee Support 12.30.2011

Published December 30th, 2011 by Tee Support Agent Kevin

I used your service for the first time today and want you to know that I was very impressed!!  I’m an “old techie” myself,  so I know my way around a computer and can manage most issues.  But yesterday I was hit with an ugly virus that I could NOT get rid of on my own.  It was making me crazy.  This is a business computer so it was critical that I get the issue resolved quickly.
I found you guys on the web, and gave it a try.  I was blown away with how knowledgeable your support person was.  She was available when I needed help, and she was a obviously a PRO.  She knew how to navigate the operating system, and clean the registry and boot drive.  She had tools that she could easily download to my machine, and she got rid of that virus very quickly.  She was obviously highly technical and communicated well along the way.   And lastly, she carefully cleaned up my machine, removed the tools that she downloaded, and took time to prove to me that the virus was removed.
I’ve worked with a lot of technical people over the years, and this was a GREAT experience.
I will definitely remember Tee Support in the future, and I’ll recommend you to friends and colleagues. 
Thanks, Barry

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Have computers & internet security problems? Network Security Report

Published October 14th, 2011 by Tee Support Agent Kevin

Any one responsible for the security of a trusted network will be connected when connecting it to a distrusted network. In the case of connections to the Internet this concern may be based largely on anecdotal evidence gleaned from widespread media coverage of security breaches. A closer inspection of the facts and statistics behind some of the media coverage will , however only serve to deepen that concern. For example, the US National Computer Security Agency (NSCA) asserts that most attacks to computers systems go undetected and unreported, citing attacks made against 9000 Department of Defence computers by the US Defence Information Systems Agency (DSIA). Those attacks had an 88 per cent success rate and went undetected by more than 95 percent of the target organizations. Only 5 percent of the 5 percent that detected an attack, a mere 22sites, reacted to it.

It is noteworthy that these sites belong to the US Department of Defence (DOD) and were not commercial sites, which may give security less priority than the DOD. NCSA also quote the FBI as reporting that in more than 80 percent of FBI investigated computer crimes, unauthorized access was gained through the Internet.

Putting a value on the damage done by such attacks is difficult but a 1995 survey conducted by Ernst & Young, a New York based accounting  firm, reported that one third of businesses connected to the internet reported up to 100 000 USD in financial loss over a two year period due to malicious acts by computer users outside the firm. A little more than two percent of connected companies reported loss more than 1M USD.

There is amazement in the computer security industry at the level of ignorance to the problem. To understand the risk often involves a steed learning curve and they have few real parallels in everyday life, for example nobody worries that a burglar will be able to trick their front door into opening by posting cryptic messages through the letterbox. When there is a good “hacker” story to report the press goes into frenzy, but the general level of awareness is still surprisingly low. For example the Sunday Times which pride itself on providing accurate coverage of IT issues published an article recently that claimed that most businesses worry to much about Internet security. The article goes on to explain that encryption is all that is needed to be completely secure. The article focuses purely of communication and completely misses the possibility of an attack originating from the Internet.

Despite fear about security, organizations are increasingly coming to regard a presence on the Internet as an important part of their strategic planning. Security concerns will not be allowed to prevent organizations from exploiting the commercial opportunities the Internet is perceived to offer. As a result organizations have to find ways to manage the security issue. This ties growth in the Internet Security market directly to growth in the Internet. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the Internet firewall market between 1995 and 2000 is projected to be 174% driven by rapid growth of both the Internet, and the Intranet. The most significant trend driving this growth is the rapid and aggressive deployment of World Wide Web servers for both Internet and Intranet use. Unit shipment of web servers software are expected to grow from 127 000 units in 1995 to just more than 5 million units in 2000. Although the IT industry has traditionally enjoyed rapid development this level of growth is unprecedented. It is difficult to separate figures for the European and UK firewall markets from the world wide statistics quoted in the literature. 1996 may see similar levels of activity in Europe and the UK to those seen in the USA in 1995. A 1995 survey of government agencies and fortune 500 companies conducted by the Computer Security Institute found that while 78% of respondents used the Internet, 39% did not have a firewall. Similarly 40% of the audience at a February 1996 NSCA conference devoted to firewalls and Internet security did not have a firewall.

Given that approximately 40% of the fortune 500 companies using the Internet have still to install a firewall and that the Internet continues to double annually, it is a little surprise that the security auditing business is booming. Organizations are finding that they do not have the in-house skills or knowledge necessary to assess either the current situation or the potential risk, and are wrestling with what level of security they require.

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Can’t run exe files after virus removal? How to fix exe files can’t be opened?

Published September 25th, 2011 by Tee Support Agent Kevin

Is your computer encountered with problem that can’t run exe files after virus removal? This step-by-step guides can help you safely and quickly fix issue can’t run exe files after virus removal.

Why i Can’t run exe files after virus removal? How to fix?

What cause can’t run exe files after virus removal problem?  Have you got problem with windows can’t find exe files and the program used to open the “application” type of file exe location? Because anti-virus or computer was infected with viruses, on your machine you found out that Exe is not working, when double-click to run it then the pop-up dialog box appears, choose Open, then you can get Can’t run exe files. Still Can’t run exe files after virus removal problem occurs for the antivirus deleted some infected files that are associated with some EXE programs, once those files were deleted unheeding. Then the EXE programs were corrupted. That is why you get such issue after the virus removal. And you can’t open any EXE applications. Many computer users don’t know how to remove or how to fix this annoying problem, for any mistakes will dute system crash or blue screen. However, this is a ergent case, if you use or open any exe files or programs for working. So can’t run exe files after virus removal problem must be fixed thoroughly to keep your computer runs fine again. Read the rest of this post »

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How to Fix 0x8004010F Error – “The operation failed. An object cannot be found.”

Published August 17th, 2011 by Jessie Smith

When using Microsoft Outlook (Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or 2007), and click on Send and Receive. You will get the error message: The operation failed. An object could not be found. How to fix it?

Usually when Outlook synchronizes an offline address book with Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010: , this error “0x8004010F” appears.

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Several reasons causing the System Restore Point cannot work

Published August 16th, 2011 by Tee Support Agent Sherry

Does the System Restore Point fail to work from now and then? This article can tell you about this topic in details.

Do you know why the Windows operating system restore doesn’t work? Here we will tell you about this in details.

Some possible reasons lead to restore point malfunctions are as follows:  the available disk space of the “System Restore” partition is too small. Please ensure the restore process including “System Restore” creates a restore point before the restore operation, so the user can undo the restoration process. If you experience the failure of the restore, make sure the “System Restore” surveillance has enough partition available disk space.

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How to Guide: Five methods to deal with viruses and maintain systems

Published August 15th, 2011 by Tee Support Agent Sherry

Do not know how to get rid of stubborn virus completely and effectively to secure your computer? This step-by-step guide can show you safely and quickly remove viruses.

Although there are many antivirus software and firewall for everybody to secure your computer, but the new viruses and Trojans, with the invasion of hackers, it is common that your computer is infected with virus. Especially the Internet users, once the computer is injected by various viruses, what you should do to prevent being tainted. Here about some emergency measures you should need to know.

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