This article summarizes some common computer crash malfunctions, hope this helped you.

In computer use process, we often meet the crash, and crash along with the computer operation system, from the beginning of the Windows operating system, graphical began to have been in that situation.

Why this issue has not been solved? From the Windows working way to start. Why should be emphasized in the Windows operating system? Because, in addition to Windows operating system, as well as several other operating systems, the most famous are UNIX. UNIX operating interface focus on the command line, this will reduce the number of resources. The original intention of creating the Windows operating system is to make it popular, so the graphic interface are made by great effort. However, there are also a few holes occur. In addition, Windows operating systems use the memory call work, there will be problems as well when invoked and they have not been fixed yet.

The most common computer crash failures are caused by some recessive problem, or not set properly and improper operations. It also may be the system itself or hardware. Here we are going to analysis about software and hardware malfunctions in turn.

1. System issues

Operating system is the essential to the computer, and system problems cause the blue screen is usually for the system files are corrupted or the startup file is damaged. If system files are corrupted, you can find and copy the related file to the system. You can also use the system own command repair function or recover with the command console.

2. Software problems

The most frequently used is application software, and they also have production problem, be made by tools as well. In the artificial production process, it will inevitably lead to a lot of loopholes or errors. Such as games, it may crash when you exsit the game. Because the game runs in the use of extreme cache.

3. Software virus remnants

When you uninstall the software and remove virus, there are some files left, such as historical documents, dll and other files. And these files may aslo remain in system entries. Software and virus files can also cause residual cash, so you need to pay close attention to check whether temporary files, historical documents and files have not yet removed.

4. Hareware environment

Hardware environment range is very wide, including computer’s internal temperature, hardware working temperature, external temperature and the temperature to place the computer. Through not neccssarily up to standard, but it must meet the basic requirements. It cannot make the computer hardware temperature suddenly dropped or increased, that will affect the electronic lif and use. So for the hardware environment, you need to pay more attention: not too hot, too wet or too cold.

According to learn about system crash, the following is the comprehesive crash solution.

On the software side, the problems generally is files lost, damaged and conflict, or lack of resources. It is mainly the documents and system resources problem. Therefore, the solution to fix this issue should start from the document. If files lost, you can find, copy and recovery. If a conflict occurs, you need to turn off or uninstall one. If it lacks of system resources, then we need to check which takes up more resources and do appropriate adjustment later.

From the hardware, if any problems arise, it is generally fever, work overload, quality and environment. If these fault appear, we should use the exclusion, troubleshooting to narrow the failure scope and then judge, solve the issue. Solution is generally cleanning or replacing the parts. Judge method is usually checked by eye and nose, such as through observation, discover the memory gold finger oxidation phenomenon, then you should use the eraser to remove the oxide layer.

What is more, system crash always cuased by a virus or malware which installed on the computer, so you can download powerful security tool to scan your PC.

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